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Covid-19 Update

At the time of writing this, in September 2020, there is still a great deal of
concern and uncertainty across the world about where we will all be with this
current pandemic in the Summer of 2021.

Nevertheless, as universities and colleges in both the USA and UK re-open to
study this Fall, we share the importance of international study opportunities
and are planning our 2021 Summer School. In doing so, we are fully aware that
the governments in both countries set protocols for staying safe and managing
our lives in the face of the virus. Academic institutions follow this guidance to
create protocols specific to their particular character, purpose and management.

Through the Fall and Winter of 2020 and then early Spring 2021 (when most
applications are made for the forthcoming Summer), we will maintain our
liaison with your home institution and monitor two-way developments in
protocols. We will continue to monitor our respective institutions’ protocols
throughout Spring 2021 and, if we agree that it is desirable, we will be flexible about
application dates and payments schedules.

It will help you to know now that you will be housed in your own study & bedroom
at Magdalen College, sharing bathroom facilities with just a small group of fellow-
students. We follow Oxford University’s renowned Tutorial System of academic
study, which is also in very small groups.

Meal times and social events inevitably involve larger groups and will be
managed according the protocols at the time, and the same applies to private
coach excursions and their purposed site visits. If any of the latter need to be
cancelled, we will refund you with the cost element of those events.

We all hope, naturally, that we will able to proceed with the 2021 Summer
School unconstrained by remaining protocols and we and your home institution
will keep you updated throughout the year !

With best wishes,

Dr Ken Addison (Director) kenneth.addison@spc.ox.ac.uk

© Dr Ken Addison, St.Peter’s College, University of Oxford: for 2021

St Peter’s College Summer School at Magdalen College, University of Oxford